Thursday, November 5, 2009

Episode 34: New "Curb Your Enthusiasm", Roman Polanski, Upcoming Media, and Brad is a Good Guy

After the Senior Discount/Sky Punch and Chuck/Brad updates, Chuck and Brad talk about a short, humorous Woody Harrelson story, and the movies "Drag Me To Hell" and "Thinner". They bring up new developments in the "Max Hardcore" story, the trailer for "Just Cause 2", the new "Curb Your Enthusiasm" season, and new "Parks and Recreation" episodes.
They discuss at length the Roman Polanski situation (along with the bizarre celebrity support he's getting), as well as breaking rules/being respectful in arguments. The Brothers Dim rap about the upcoming Lebron James documentary, Chris Rock's new documentary, Rammstein's new pornographic music video, Star Wars in concert, and the highest-selling of the artist of the 2000's: Eminem. They close the show with a story about Brad doing a good deed, and Chuck tells a story about a similarly good, if not better, deed.

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Kobe Bryant said...

How dare you guys judge Roman Polanski. Don't you know that consent as an element of rape or statutory rape is really in the eye of the beholder?