Friday, March 4, 2011

Episode 62, Part 2: Disney Cartoons and TGIF shows

The boys are joined on the second part of this two-part episode by the (still-)dashing Patrick Dennis. Patrick brings his expertise in the Disney arena to the table as the gentlemen discuss Ducktales, Rescue Rangers, Goof Troop, and other shows. The discussion then segues into a review of ABC's Friday Night Programming Block in the 90's, better known as "TGIF." The podcast ends up Patrick detailing the huge crush on a Family Matters character - Urkel-bot!*

* - This statement is not true. Patrick's relationship with Urkel-bot was strictly platonic.

Web Couliers (from Episode 62, Part 1)

TEXT: A story about college
WEB: A bikini-basketball league
TEXT: Why I still want a desktop computer (submitted by DragonBeard)
VIDEO: Trailer for “Paul” (submitted by DragonBeard)
VIDEO: Epic Mealtime (submitted by Wes Highley)
MUSIC VIDEO: I Fight Dragons covers “The Power of Love”

Song List Here (this link is only functional on podcast website)

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