Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Episode 67, Part 1: Extended Web Couliers, "Brad Roulette," Spider-Man: The Musical, and the Gang Heads to see "American Idiot" on Broadway!

After the Senior Discount/Sky Punch updates, Chuck, Brad, and Special Guest Alan Marie Sousa go for an extended discussion of this week's Web Couliers.
From there, they talk about their own funerals for a while. Deep conversation from such shallow jerks!
After that, Chuck plays a new game, creatively entitled "Brad Roulette." Eight pictures of a certain celebrity are shown, and Brad needs to say whether or not she's attractive in the pictures - but he doesn't know if she's 17 or 21 or somewhere in between! What will Wholesome Ol' Brad say?!?!
They follow that with Chuck recapping his trip to see a performance of the Spider-Man musical on Broadway. They close this two-part episode with a talk about the group's trip to New York City to see a performance of "American Idiot" on Broadway.

Web Couliers:
- VIDEO: The Fantastic Mr. Star Fox
- VIDEO: Conan wonders about the new Thor
- MUSIC VIDEO: Beastie Boys "Make Some Noise"
- VIDEO - The Brothers Mario
- VIDEO: The Brothers Mario 2: Kong Country
- BLOG/SPECIFIC ENTRY: To Love Or Be Liked (which inspires the boys' funeral discussion

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Friday, April 8, 2011

Episode 66: Cloud Storage, Guitar Hero, and Creativity

After the Senior Discount/Sky Punch updates, Chuck describes a new joke at Brad's expense, and also shares an embarrassing story from his own life. Our lovable scoundrels then discuss this week's Web Couliers, which segues nicely into a discussion of streaming media and cloud storage.
After spending so much time discussing music games on past podcasts, is it any surprise that Brad and Chuck have so much to say about the "death" of the Guitar Hero series? It shouldn't be, you fool!
They follow that with a discussion about creativity and art, and why they create at all. It's a surprisingly in-depth discussion for two guys who are biologically idiots. They close with a discussion of their recent Wrestlemania party, and all the delicious foods that were eaten.

Web Couliers:
- MYSTERY: Why parents and friends shouldn't be friends on Facebook (submitted by Chad Kafka)
- GAME: The Great Gatsby NES Game
- MUSIC VIDEO: Lonely Island: "We're Back"
- VIDEO - Jimmy Fallon, Paul Simon, and Stomp perform "Cecelia"
- MUSIC VIDEO: Against Me! - White Crosses (Acoustic/Accordion)
- STORAGE: Amazon Cloud Drive

Song List Here (this link is only functional on podcast website)http://www.seniordiscountmusic.com