Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Episode 67, Part 1: Extended Web Couliers, "Brad Roulette," Spider-Man: The Musical, and the Gang Heads to see "American Idiot" on Broadway!

After the Senior Discount/Sky Punch updates, Chuck, Brad, and Special Guest Alan Marie Sousa go for an extended discussion of this week's Web Couliers.
From there, they talk about their own funerals for a while. Deep conversation from such shallow jerks!
After that, Chuck plays a new game, creatively entitled "Brad Roulette." Eight pictures of a certain celebrity are shown, and Brad needs to say whether or not she's attractive in the pictures - but he doesn't know if she's 17 or 21 or somewhere in between! What will Wholesome Ol' Brad say?!?!
They follow that with Chuck recapping his trip to see a performance of the Spider-Man musical on Broadway. They close this two-part episode with a talk about the group's trip to New York City to see a performance of "American Idiot" on Broadway.

Web Couliers:
- VIDEO: The Fantastic Mr. Star Fox
- VIDEO: Conan wonders about the new Thor
- MUSIC VIDEO: Beastie Boys "Make Some Noise"
- VIDEO - The Brothers Mario
- VIDEO: The Brothers Mario 2: Kong Country
- BLOG/SPECIFIC ENTRY: To Love Or Be Liked (which inspires the boys' funeral discussion

Song List Here (this link is only functional on podcast website)http://www.seniordiscountmusic.com

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