Thursday, May 19, 2011

Episode 68: A Media Glut

The podcast opens with a tragedy of epic proportions, as Princess Chuck's coffee isn't perfectly up to snuff. Chuck and Brad then dive into updates about Senior Discount and SkyPunch!, then hit up their Web Couliers (a cool name for cool stuff on the internet).
The boys read emails from Eric Macksoud (of local band Soundoff) and a criticism of Iron Man 2 from new(?) listener Jason. After having a respectful discussion about the emails, we are treated to a debut of Brad's new weekly segment - "Put Out or Shout Outs."
Loyal listeners may remember a previous p'cast that mentioned the 104-flavor Coke machine. Brad has been to the mountaintop to try it...what did he think?
After that conversation winds down, the pizza-loving pair look at some of the media they've experienced in the recent past. Patton Oswalt's book, Black Swan, Tron and Tron: Legacy, The Sports Show with Norm Macdonald, and Tough Enough. (If I were reading this list out loud, I would now pause to take a comically-large breath)
Chuck recently saw The Incredibles for the first time, and Brad and Chuck watched The Green Hornet (an Easter tradition sure to endure). Both boys liked Tangled, Chuck finally saw the first "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie. Did they like it as much as "Predator 2?"
"The Prestige" leads into a brief discussion of Christopher Nolan films, then we finally get to Brad's recent media. Publishing sensation "The Hunger Games" and classic film "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest," then back to Chuck for his take on "Just Cause 2."
Brad mentions how much he's looking forward to (now-released) LA Noire, then Chuck and Brad present their reviews of "Repo Men."
They discuss their recent trip to see My Chemical Romance in concert, as well as "Undisputed." Chuck highly recommends the new Foo Fighters documentary, then mentions Demetri Martin's cleverly-named book This is a Book, as well as The Internet is a Playground. The boys also recently saw the movie "Thor."
The podcast closes with a tale of a failed Brad-crush, and how it relates to viewing one's life as a story. Another poignant moment from the masters of sentimentality. And jizz-based jokes.

Web Couliers:
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- MUSIC VIDEO: The Lonely Island "Jack Sparrow"
- VIDEO - How To Interact With Sexy Sweeties
- STORY: The Wreck of the
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