Sunday, March 11, 2012

Episode 77: Back to the Format: A Look at Movies, Music, and More

After three horribly depressing podcasts, the screwsome twosome is back with their typical format of reviewing far too much media. The show opens with some web couliers - a look at cool things on the web. Chuck then talks about the show that Senior Discount recently played with The Toasters. Brad follows that with a question about what attracts people to particular artists and particular art, which Chuck and Brad discuss at length.

Chuck goes on about Smokin' Aces, boldly declaring it his favorite action movie of all time (Brad's favorite action movie? "The Land Before Time.") (Not true, he's never seen it.) A juicy tidbit of movie news gives Chuck a movie boner, then the boys laugh about a different bit of news involving Nicolas Cage.

Brad then laments his lack of crushes, as every girl he's been sort of interested in lately has let him down. Chuck talks about two recent movies, and offers his opinion on the new season of The Walking Dead and a book called "Super I Am 8 Bit." Some TV talk occupies the boys next, as they briefly touch on Comic Book Men, Awake, and Touch.

On to movies, as we learn what the handsome fellas thought of their sneak peek of "21 Jump Street," before Chuck reviews some DVD's he's seen recently, including a very rare "avoid this movie" recommendation. The book Countdown to Lockdown by Mick Foley comes up, then a quick talk about Mario Kart 7. The show ends with a recap of the boyz' (with a z!) trip to RAW in Boston.

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