Sunday, May 13, 2012

Episode 85: Brad's Vacation, Tom Gabel's Transformation, and "The Avengers"

This week returns with an episode of "Agreeing To Disagree," as Brad re-joins the 'cast cast after his vacation. He tells Patrick and Chuck what he thought about the Brad-cast, and corrects an error or two that was made in his absence - including the TRUTH about "making out with a topless prostitute at a concert." Chuck offers some movie/TV droplets of information, which the boys discuss for a while. Following that, we learn about Brad's recent trip, including several chuckle-worthy moments.

Once the personal stuff is out of the way, attention shifts to the big news from the world of punk music from this past week - Against Me! singer Tom Gabel has announced that he is transgendered, and will begin living life as a woman. After some in-depth discussion about transgenderism and their feelings toward the announcement, they move on to the last topics - the double feature of "The Dictator" and "The Avengers." Find out their thoughts this week!

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