Saturday, May 11, 2013

Episode 113: Iron Man 3, Video Game Writing, and support among artists

Episode 113 starts out with some blasts from the past/future, as Chuck and Brad talk about the rescheduled Senior Discount show, which was technically Thursday night (May 9), but the podcast was recorded on May 8th. Much time travel merriment is had.
Chuck and Brad discuss the below Web Coulier - a trailer for the upcoming movie "Ender's Game." Brad is cautiously optimistic. Chuck does not like space.
Chuck's movie driplet this week spawns a side conversation - isn't it awesome that Marvel president Kevin Feige can praise DC movies and hope for their success? And that Joss Whedon and JJ Abrams helped with the third act of Iron Man 3?
Once that is done, the boys talk about writing in video games. Brad is particularly enamored with the writing in Bioshock: Infinite, and they discuss games they've played that they really got into the story.
The meat of the podcast, however, is a hearty discussion about their trip to Boston to see Iron Man 3. We learn about Brad's increasing desire to go to sleep early as well as Chuck's passion for filet mignon potato skins. They discuss the movie in general terms before announcing a hearty and healthy spoiler alert and then discussing the film in depth.
The podcast ends with Brad admitting to a failure in his personal life and apologizing for it to Chuck.

VIDEO: Trailer for "Ender's Game"

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