Friday, August 16, 2013

Episode 125: Negativity and Art

Chuck and Brad are joined in Episode 125 by local scalawag Brian Decoteaux from the Candace Brooks Band. The three gleefully chat about the first Web Coulier listed below, before Brad relates the tragic tale of a game purchase gone bad. They talk about other media experiences they've had that haven't gone so well, which leads neatly into the next segment: Chuck's Petty Printouts.
Chuck discusses a minor disagreement he had with a young fan (?) online. B, C, and B talk about the overreaction and about being a heel on stage. Chuck and Brad then discuss the upcoming live podcast and discuss some plans for it, as well as their promotional strategy. A very brief discussion of Character Brad closes the show.
VIDEO: 'Jesse and the Rippers' on Jimmy Fallon
VIDEO: Senior Discount at the House of Blues

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