Friday, September 27, 2013

Episode 131: Jamaican Strippers, Dating, and 180's

Chuck and Brad are joined by local hooligan Mat Fairchild on episode 131 of the C&B P-cast. As this is continued from the previous week, there may be a bit of jarring transition for loyal listeners.
In any event, this episode starts out with Chuck and Mat telling a story about an encounter with a Jamaican stripper. This is a NEGATIVE interaction with a stripper, very different than Chuck's normal interactions with women who take their clothes off for money.
It gets a little more somber, as Chuck talks about a dating relationship gone awry. The guyzos talk about doing "180's" on different issues in their lives. Did the guys ever completely change their stance on something important? Did Brad really do a 270?

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Friday, September 20, 2013

Episode 130: Superman Lives, GTA 5, and Spam Emails

Chuck and Brad are joined by local roustabout Mat Fairchild on episode 130 of the C&B P-cast. The three hooligans start with discussions of Chuck's upcoming acoustic performance and Brad's upcoming Halloween Improv show. Chuck reads a listener email from old pal Nic and Mat teaches Chuck and Brad basic gun safety.
Chuck talks about a movie driplet (which is also one of the Web Couliers listed below) - the documentary about the movie "Superman Lives." This leads to quick research on Nicolas Cage and his copy of Action Comics #1. Why do people think Nic Cage is crazy?
Chuck breaks the news ("breaks" being a loose term) that Grand Theft Auto 5 made $800 million dollars on its first day of release. The guys talk about the budget for the game and a little bit of gameplay. Chuck then talks about Mario Joyner's script idea and its accompanying Kickstarter - seems like an awesome project.
Episode 130 finishes with Chuck's new favorite segment "Shut the Fuck Up." What gets Chuck's patented wit this time? Spam emails, and the people who complain about them.

VIDEO: Teaser for the "Fat Wreck Chords" Documentary
VIDEO: Kid Snippets: Math Class
VIDEO: Superman Lives Documentary Teaser

Friday, September 13, 2013

Episode 129: The Oddball Comedy Fest, "Brad's Latina Honey," and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

The podcast begins with updates about Senior Discount shows and Brad's upcoming Halloween improv shows. Chuck follows that with some movie driplets about Jurassic Park 4's rebranding and some casting questions about Fast and Furious 7.
Much of this week's episode deals with the guyzos' trip to the Oddball Comedy Festival to see headliners Dave Chapelle and Flight of the Conchords. Chuck and Brad break down their experience as it relates to comedy, the comics, their pal B Lau's birthday, texting during events...just the whole gamut.
Next, Brad tells a story of meeting and vaguely romancing an attractive Latina woman. Will this result in true "amor" for Brad? Only time will tell!
This episode closes with Chuck reading the history of popular hip-hop duo Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, which leads to a discussion about independent artists and success.
Also, the new term "Fart Police" is invented and used regularly.

There are no Web Couliers this week.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Episode 128: Franco Roast, "Artificial Intelligence," and Comfort Animals

A short episode this week! Wow! We start with some very brief Senior Discount announcements hyping two upcoming shows. Chuck, Brad, and guest Abe Correia talk about the recent Comedy Central Roast of James Franco. Following that, Chuck talks about a recently-released script for a 2002 Batman/Superman script that was never made. The three geeks agree to read the script and offer notes.
Chuck then rehashes the movie "AI: Artificial Intelligence," a film neither Brad nor Abe has seen recently. Chuck talks about the creepiness and sadness of the movie and Abe and Brad almost cry. Brad offers a recent development from his work life and the pals talk about "comfort animals" and their place in modern society.
Chuck segues beautifully into the second appearance of his new segment "Shut the Fuck Up," and people's outrage over a line from the song "Blurred Lines" by Robin Thicke. How offensive IS the word "bitch?"
This episode closes with Chuck reading, verbatim, an online personal ad that Brad found on an online dating site. Oh dear.

There are no Web Couliers this week.