Thursday, October 17, 2013

Episode 134: Insecurities and Song Meanings

Episode 134 of the Chuck and Brad Podcast kicks off with some scintillating Senior Discount updates, as well as a plea from Brad to come see some improv shows.
Brad talks about a recent trip back to Indiana, and a realization that occurred to him while he was there - sometimes, he can be a pretty funny guy. C&B talk about why he doesn't feel like this all the time, and that discussion segues into a talk about creating art and not finding it appreciated.
That art discussion somehow (really, I have no idea) meanders into talk of organization, of keeping records of texts, calls, chats, etc. From THERE, the guys jump to song meanings, and discuss songs by the Misfits, Lagwagon, Senior Discount, and Lemon-Lime Tennis Shoes.

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