Thursday, March 20, 2014

Episode 151: Dating Insecurities and Argument Styles

Episode 151 gets right into it with some Senior Discount Updates from Chuck, followed by some Brad Updates by Brad. The two then chat about last week's interview segment and plans for the podcast going forward. Chuck talks about the original plan for this week's episode and how it went off the rails, which leads into a discussion of Chuck's argument style. Hear Chuck and Brad reminisce about beautiful arguments in the past!
From there, Brad talks about re-entering the dating game, and how his beard is giving him confidence. They talk about where to meet new people, bar culture, approaching a woman at Target - you know, essential things for dating. From there, Brad asks Chuck about flirting with cute girls online - is he a schmuck like any other guy hitting on these girls? If the girl is in a relationship, what kind of flirting is okay? Does it matter if you know the guy? 21st century questions, finally answered in one place.

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