Thursday, May 8, 2014

Episode 158: Chuck and Brad Catch Up & the Ska Goes Solo Weekend

Chuck and Brad start Episode 158 with some plugs for upcoming events, including the next Live Podcast (May 30, AS220 in Providence)! Woo! After that, they talk about the past month of their lives, both in terms of media experienced (a surprisingly small amount) and personal stories. Hear their feelings about The Raid 2 and Dear Mr. Watterson, Brad's relaxing trip to Indiana and Chuck's very similar trip to a strip club for a......*sigh*.....MILF contest.
That brings the boyz to last weekend and their experiences dealing with the Ska Goes Solo shows. Hear about some of the behind-the-scenes aspects of the interview with Chris from Less Than Jake! Marvel at the interactions with the mentally ill! And gasp as you hear about Brad's embarrassing moment at Sunday's show in Boston! From there, the guyz headed to Springfield, MA, to see comedian Aziz Ansari do an amazing set. The group then had some less-than-stellar restaurant experiences before the long trip home that ended the weekend.

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