Thursday, September 25, 2014

Episode 177: Deadpool movie, Tusk, Friendship?, and Story Brainstorming

The 177th edition of the C&B P-C starts with the typical show announcements from Brad's improv group and Chuck's band - competing shows on the same night! Wow! Chuck then tells Brad some exciting movie news about an upcoming Deadpool film, and our two heroes talk about a particular plot device in the Captain America: Winter Soldier movie and what it may mean going forward. Once future movies are done being discussed, Brad and Chuck talk about their recent trip to see the new Kevin Smith movie "Tusk." What did they think? Listen and find out!
Once the Walrus talk is through, Brad reads an interaction he had online with a lady and talks about how he feels the interaction indicates a lack of interest in him as a human being. The guys talk about that at length, diving into Brad's current pessimism headfist! Woo! But, trying to take this potential negative and turn it to a positive, Brad talks about a short story idea he has and runs it by Chuck and the two try to flesh it out into something a little more...good.
- Brad

Web Couliers:
There are no Web Couliers this week.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Episode 176: The "Harmontown" Documentary, DiGiorno's on Twitter, and Domestic Violence

After the customary updates from Brad's improv life and Chuck's band life, Chuck talks briefly about the below Web Coulier and our love for all things Dan Harmon. Chuck tells Brad some news about a forthcoming movie in the Paranormal Activity movie and the guyz talk about how spooked they are about the others.
C&B then talk about the one person running the DiGiorno's Pizza Twitter account, and how he (probably a he) made a huge mistake on Twitter and apologized for it. Chuck found the situation hilarious. Once they move past the hilarity of corporate errors, the guys talk about the specifics of Ray Rice punching his (now) wife in an elevator. Was the NFL's reaction appropriate? How does this relate to Adrian Peterson hitting his child with a switch? Or the other pending domestic violence cases involving NFL players? Chuck and Brad take a long look at the nationally-recognized serious topic of domestic violence.
- Brad

Web Couliers:
TRAILER: The Harmontown Documentary

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Episode 175: Boston Calling Fall 2014 and Abe & Fawn's Wedding

The show starts with updates from Brad before kicking to special guest Eric Macksoud, who promptly pimps his own band, Soundoff, before throwing to Chuck, who provides some Senior Discount updates.
Chuck and Eric recently went to a concert in Boston together. Before they tell that story, though, Brad tells some concert experiences from his youth. Everyone is as amazed as you'd expect. Chuck and Eric then launch into the saga of their evening together at Boston Calling. The weather delay, Macksoud's attempt to woo a young lady, seeing Lorde on one stage and Childish Gambino on another...a fun event! Macksoud then tells a concert story of his own before launching into his experiences at the Sunday of Boston Calling. [NOTE: I keep typing 'Boston Falling.' Weird.]
Chuck and Brad take the reins back from their raspy-voiced pal and tell the story of Senior Discount bassist Abe's recent wedding. Chuck and Brad were somehow groomsmen - what mischief did they inflict on the happy couple and their extended family? Did B&C accidentally tie their bow ties together and have to shuffle down the aisle? Which one ended up married to the Justice of the Peace? All this and more! On Episode 175 of 'Agreeing to Disagree: The Chuck and Brad Podcast.'
- Brad

Web Couliers:
VIDEO: 21 Pilots on top of the crowd at Boston Calling

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Episode 174: Hacked Nudes, Local Wrestling, and Chuck and Brad's Manliness

In a move that happens far too often, Brad screws up the intro to this week's episode and Chuck makes a joke about it. After some Brad updates and Senior Discount updates, the guys talk about the below Web Couliers and their feelings thereon. They then talk about their weekend, highlighted by a visit to a local independent wrestling show. Did Chuck powerbomb Brad through a table? No!
The meat of the episode, however, is a discussion about the recent glut of stolen nude photos from celebrities. Chuck and Brad discuss the allure of the case, and their feelings about internet security for celebrities and everyone else. Spoiler alert: both agree that the guy(s?) who stole the pictures are terrible.
Following that, Brad talks about an epiphany he recently had regarding his job and the strain of the white collar he wears. It's a figurative white collar. Contrary to popular beliefs, he is not a priest. The guys talk about the traditional roles of masculinity and how they fit (or don't fit) in the modern world. Chuck swears a lot.

Web Couliers:
TRAILER: Michael Keaton in 'Birdman'
VIDEO: Short film - 'The Gunfighter'
TRAILER: Roger Corman's 'Fantastic Four'