Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Episode 188: Comics Come Home, Big Hero 6, Louis CK, and The Room

Chuck and Brad kick off the week with some updates - Senior Discount has a show tomorrow, on Thanksgiving Eve! Check them out!
Recently, Chuck and Brad went with friends and family to the Comics Come Home benefit starring, among others, Denis Leary, Marc Maron, Jimmy Fallon, and Jim Gaffigan. What did the guys think of the experience? Who had the funniest set? Once they've answered those (and other) questions, Chuck relays the tale of his trip to his girlfriend's brother's wedding. He finds this night to be podcast-worthy based mostly on the food there. Appetizers ahoy!
The Jake Gyllenhall movie Nightcrawler came out and the guys discuss their thoughts on that, as well as the Disney 3D-animated movie Big Hero 6. In less-pleasing movie news, the guys also went to see Dumb and Dumber To. So they discuss that as well. Chuck tells Brad about his recent trip to a taping of The Jerry Springer Show.
More recently, C&B went to see Louis CK do standup in Boston in a pretty intimate venue. Was Louis on his game, or did having the comedy heavyweights Chuck and Brad in the house throw him off? (Spoiler alert: he was, and we did not.) After that, they headed to see a midnight showing of cult classic The Room, accompanied by a Q&A with Director/Actor Tommy Wiseau.
In more festive news, the guys recently celebrated Thanksgiving with friends, then came home to watch the most recent WWE PPV Survivor Series and its surprising ending. All this and more on episode 188!

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