Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Episode 189: Birdman, Marvel Phase Three, and Chuck's Strange Work Situation

Chuck and Brad kick off the week with some updates - Brad has some improv shows coming up, and Senior Discount is anxiously awaiting a possible show in the very near future!
Chuck tells the tale of a recent Senior Discount show in Providence - did the weather affect the attendance? The two turkeys (har har) then talk about their Thanksgivings...most of which was spent together.
After that, the two birdmen (what?) discuss the recent movie Birdman. While Chuck and Brad both thought very highly of this movie, you'll have to do more than read this synopsis to find out why they enjoyed it so much. You'll have to listen to the podcast.
After weeks of putting it off, it could be put off no more! Brad and Chuck finally discuss the Marvel Phase 3 announcement, and talk about which movie(s) they are most looking forward to. Finally, Chuck closes the podcast telling a story involving leaving a job in a strange manner. Did he get fired? Did he get laid off? Is there a convincing impostor claiming to be Chuck at work right now? No one knows!
- Brad

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