Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Episode 203: The Story of The Down and Outs

Episode 203 finds Chuck and Brad joined in the studio by Paul and Adam of local band The Down & Outs. After some Chuck and Brad Updates, the guys talk about the D&O's show this Sunday, then kick off some discussion of movie news. Kevin Smith has said they're going to be doing a Mallrats 2 - what do these four fine fellows think of that? From there, the conversation centers around the news that popular band Fishbone is crowdfunding their legal defense fund after being sued for 1.4 million dollars by a woman who was injured when Fishbone's singer stage-dove and landed on her. Hear the hot takes of three musicians and Brad's quiet breathing as the discussion heats up!
The interview of Paul and Adam starts there. The guys cover their background as individuals, musicians, their influences, the formation of the band, a riveting discussion about whether or not taking music lessons adds to the artistry and more! The current Providence music scene is discussed, and the world is warned about Chris from Less Than Jake, and the future of The Down and Outs is teased. A fun interview for all!

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