Thursday, May 14, 2015

Episode 211: Marvel speculation, Saying goodbye to the Xbox 360, and Brad's online dating profile

The 211th episode of the podcast features Brad and Chuck joined by the talented and cunicular Gina Mastrostefano. After some quick updates, Chuck provides some movie news about a Three Stooges sequel and the guys are super excited. Some news about Nintendo's new multi-device membership follows, as well as wild rampant speculation about Nintendo's future. We learn about a new Muppets series coming to ABC in the fall and Brad is unduly stoked for it. Gina's misunderstanding about Marvel's "Civil War" storyline in Captain America 3 amuse and delight Chuck and Brad.
They also plan out a Howard the Duck standalone project.
Chuck says goodbye to his Xbox 360 and talks about how much the console meant to him over the years. The guys talk about their favorite 360 moments and Gina is conspicuous in her silence.
Once the tears have dried, Brad works on an online dating profile. Which site did he choose, and how did Chuck and Gina help?

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