Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Episode 212: Letterman, Smartwatch Woes, and Alkaline Trio

Episode 212 starts with Brad lamenting his earlier dentist visit and the fact that his mouth is numb. He and Chuck kick into some updates, then talk about the below Web Couliers. This leads into a discussion about mashup music and the guys' views on said music. Chuck offers some Movie Driplets, talking about a 20th Century Fox "New Mutants" project, a movie starring The Lonely Island, and Harry Shearer leaving The Simpsons.
Brad uses this as a natural segue into discussing David Letterman's pending departure from TV and the impact he had on comedy. Chuck talks about his new part-time job situation, then brings back an old favorite segment "Chuck's Petty Printouts."
Once the guys have covered the topic of scams on eBay, they talk about their experiences over the past week, including an in-depth review of three of Alkaline Trio's Boston "Past Live" shows. One of the shows found Senior Discount drummer Christian Staton looking like he did in the below picture. Which is to say...putrid.

Web Couliers:
MUSIC: Bruneau - The Art of Noise
VIDEO: 8-bit Winter Soldier
VIDEO: The Simpsons/Rick & Morty Crossover Cough Gag
VIDEO: Open World Dinosaur Survival Game
PHOTO: A Putrid Christian

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