Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Episode 225: Patrick's Move, Our Comedy Connection Recap, and Stress

Episode 225 finds Brad and Chuck each pimping some upcoming shows. After that, it's a dip into the well of Web Couliers, then some refreshing Movie Driplets. Chuck tells Brad about the futuristic Zorro reboot, as well as casting news from the Disney Jungle Cruise movie. Chuck also talks about the reveal of the identity of one of the world's most well-paid YouTube superstars. It is a bizarre situation. There's some exciting news about Marvel Heroes, as well as WWE Christmas news. After another conversation about a "Fast & Furious" amusement park ride, the guys talk about Podcast Pal Patrick's move back to town. A quick review of Summerslam leads to a longer discussion about the Senior Discount show a few nights later, and some internal issues the band is facing.
After that, Chuck and Brad talk about their recent foray into standing while talking into microphones - how did their set at the Comedy Connection go? After that, Brad talks about some of the stress he's been dealing with recently.

Web Couliers:
VIDEO: The Interrupters - "Take Back The Power"
ARTICLE - How Being Nonconfrontational Has Held Me Back In Life
ARTICLE - The Hidden Cost of Being Nonconfrontational
ARTICLE: Banksy's Dismaland

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