Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Episode 227: Oddball 2015, Discovering New Music, and Super Mario Maker

Episode 227 starts out with a brief discussion of the taco challenge for RI Food Fights before getting into some Brad and Chuck updates. After that, the guys talk about the below Web Couliers, stopping briefly to take a phone call from an unexpected guest. They finish the discussion, then a quick movie driplet of news, THEN hit a big topic: the Oddball Comedy Fest 2015. The guys saw eight comedians in one show - what did they think? Who stood out? Which joke was the best of the night?
Chuck gives a brief recounting of his adventures Saturday night, then gives a spoiler-free review of new M. Night Shyamalan film "The Visit." Brad talks about using Spotify's "Discover New Music" feature to discover.....new.....uh, music. The guys talk about how they access new music and what brings it up on their radar. From there, it's a seamless - wait, no, another phone call from another unexpected guest. Twice in one podcast! The guys talk about the new Wii U game Super Mario Maker and all the fun they've had with it to close out the podcast.

Web Couliers:
TRAILER: Krampus
TRAILER: Hardcore

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