Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Episode 228: Black Mass, Improv Fest Recap, and What Makes A Good Friendship?

The 228th episode starts with updates from C & B, and honestly...not a lot of projects on the immediate horizon for our heroes. Wait, is an immediate horizon a thing? Can we trademark that as an album title? Chuck follows the updates with some movie driplets regarding a possible (?) Sinister Six movie for real, the new American Idiot documentary, and news about sequel(s) to Prometheus.
The guys went to see the new movie Black Mass earlier this week - what did they think? Hear them break the film down! From there, Chuck tells Brad the story of the most recent Senior Discount show. Brad then recaps his experience at this year's Providence Improv Fest. Did he make new friends who thought he was special?
The podcast closes with a long discussion. This is spurred by Chuck telling the story of a friendship that dissolved, and the guys talk about what makes a good friendship, and how to avoid feeling let down. It's a sobering discussion.

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