Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Episode 245: Local Restaurants, Daddy's Home, and Our Second Stand-Up Sets

The newest 'pisode - number 245 - is a return to form for our two fellows. After some updates, Chuck drops some movie driplets about the movie Halloween Returns, then some mind-boggling speculation about Avengers: Infinity War. Brad debuts a new segment cursing Chuck for the thoughtful Christmas gift Chuck provided, then the guys talk about Brad's pending court date. Brad gives a health update on his father, then the guys briefly talk about "Making A Murderer" and Netflix streaming in general.
Both C&B have been to some delicious restaurants lately - where were these culinary Shangri-Las? In addition, Chuck and Brad recently went to see Daddy's Home - they review the movie and discuss PG-13 comedies in general. The final element to the cast is a thorough review of our own stand-up sets from the recent show at the Comedy Connection. How did it go? HOW DID IT GO?!?!?!

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