Friday, January 22, 2016

Episode 246: Chuck's New Jersey Trip, Enemy, and Diversity in Media

Episode 246 starts on an aimless aimless road that leads to Full House, as Chuck and Brad talk about the plots of specific episodes of Full House. This was all in an attempt to introduce the below Web Couliers. Chuck talks about some movie news about Spider-Man and Quentin Tarantino. Separately. Chuck and Brad talk about the 2013 movie Enemy and how they received it. Chuck relays some news about upcoming Dying Light DLC and a new NOFX book. Also separately.
Chuck and Gina recently took a trip to New Jersey. How did it go? Where did they eat? Did Chuck do the Stanky Leg? (No.) Brad then talks about some books he's read recently, which leads into a talk about diversity in media and Chuck and Brad admit their ignorance with a desire to be better. This talk of privilege segues beautifully into Brad's anticlimactic appearance in the Providence Municipal Court!

Web Couliers:
TRAILER: Suicide Squad (second trailer)
TRAILER: Neighbors 2

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