Friday, March 18, 2016

Episode 254: Ultra HD, 10 Cloverfield Lane, and Chuck's Disc-astrophe

This week starts with the traditional updates, then the guys dive headfirst into one driplet of movie news - Indiana Jones 5. What advice does Chuck have for the people already hating on the movie? Chuck and Brad then hit up the concept of 4K discs and Ultra HD physical media. Chuck then promotes the below Web Couliers and Brad tries to refuse to put one of them up.
The guys reminisce about the heyday of wrestling when it featured moves like the Stinkface, then discuss the more-recent movie The Gift. 10 Cloverfield Lane is next up, and the guys offer a (for once) spoiler-free review. Some brief talk about the Open Mic they did earlier this week, Chuck talks about his new guitars, then Brad talks about his week and feelings of low self-worth. They discus Zootopia, then Chuck relates the "hilarious" tale of "Bruce Wang."
The episode closes with the guys trying to figure out what to do with Chuck's salvageable DVD collection going forward. This synopsis is still signed "Brad." Please don't let Chuck change it.

I think "Disc-Tastrophe" would be better than "Disc-astrophe" - Chuck

Web Couliers:
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*quote from Brad: "I am the Bat-Wang."

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