Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Episode 261: Live Wrestling, Civil War Hype, and Cultural Appropriation

Woohoo! Episode 261 y'all! After some quick updates, we announce the winner of our not-affiliated-with-anything Captain America: Civil War contest! Awesome! We break down the below Web Couliers and Chuck salivates at the thought of new Blink-182 music. Then he salivates about news concerning a Jumanji reboot, and a possible Iron Man 4. We somehow segue into more talk about Captain America: Civil War. We then break down the past week or so, which included StarFox Zero, two separate live wrestling events (WWE NXT + WWE RAW), and watching a movie in the theater in Chuck's apartment complex.
We then talk about Jerry Seinfeld's plan to help Margaret Cho get a second chance with an audience that didn't enjoy her set. Chuck talks about four podcasts he's listened to recently that he recently enjoyed. After that, we dip our tootsies into the conversation about cultural appropriation and really demonstrate our lack of understanding and call for clarity on the issues.

Web Couliers:
TRAILER: Lady Dynamite
TRAILER: Magnificent Seven
MUSIC: Blink-182: Bored to Death

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