Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Episode 269: Twitter Beefs, Restaurant Reviews, and Wellness Policies

Episode 269 (heh) starts with some updates, and then gets into the below Web Coulier. We talk about Anton Yelchin's death, Danny McBride in the new Alien movie, and Hannibal Burress joining the cast of Spider-Man: Homecoming. Chuck then relates a tale of Twitter beef with an anonymous user and Brad spends way too much time researching this stranger's feed. We talk about some local restaurants we've visited, then go into the news that (former) WWE Champion Roman Reigns has been suspended for a violation of the company's Wellness Policy. I tell Chuck about the Providence Improv Guild's 4th anniversary show, and that's kind of it. We're super short this week. Don't get used to it!

Web Couliers:
VIDEO: Blink 182 Live at Firefly 2016

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