Thursday, September 29, 2016

Episode 284: YouTube Go, Chuck Rides a Horse, and Relationship Dynamics

After a quick chat about the below Web Coulier, we dive into some very shallow movie driplets (it's a very unsafe dive). We talk about a delay for the next Friday the 13th movie, Stan Lee's next cameos, and MacGruber 2. After that, we discuss the new YouTube Go app (piloted in India) and what that means for us. Check tells the saga of swapping Less Than Jake tickets (for other Less Than Jake tickets). He then tells me about his recent horseback riding experience. Did he get kicked in the face by a horse? You'll have to listen to find out! (But no. He's fine.) Finally, we discuss the dynamic of a "Look At Me" person with an "I See You" person. How do we evaluate ourselves on that scale?
- Brad

Web Couliers:
VIDEO: Fist Fight Trailer

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