Thursday, November 10, 2016

Episode 290: Political Misgivings, Impractical Jokers Live, and Maron at Carnegie

We recorded this during the evening of Election we did not know who was going to win the election when we recorded. I express concerns about a candidate. Chuck reassures me that there is no way that candidate could win. *sigh*
Moving to areas that we're more comfortable with, we talk about Dave Chapelle hosting SNL this coming weekend, the 'Big Bang Theory' prequel, and the Simpsons being renewed for seasons 29 and 30 - how can an animated show stay fresh? What do we like about what South Park is doing? Also, the 'Deadpool' director left 'Deadpool 2' - what does that mean for the project?
Last week found us in New Jersey to see Impractical Jokers live (with Nitro Circus). How was it? Pretty great! But you should still listen for details! Our trip continued with some gallivanting around NYC, then seeing Marc Maron at Carnegie Hall. Spoiler alert: Marc Maron is brilliant. We also got to see Dane Cook at the Beacon Street Theatre, which was also great (in a different way). And finally...Chuck played poker for the first time ever! How did he beat me?!?!
~ Brad

Everything I said in this episode was recorded before Trump won. I was wrong when I predicted he'd lose, and outside of that, I stand by every opinion I expressed.
- Chuck

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