Thursday, November 17, 2016

Episode 291: Chuck House Update, Doctor Strange, and Brad's Reunion Anxiety

Whoa mama! Episode 291! After Chuck and I each plug some upcoming shows, we discuss the below Web Couliers. We talk about Marvel's "Inhumans" going to TV, Jackie Chan (our close personal friend) winning an academy award, Ryan Reynolds' take on the director leaving Deadpool 2, and the forthcoming ESPN documentary about the XFL.
We talk a little bit about comedian Kyle Kinane and how our schedules just didn't line up for an interview this week. Chuck breaks the news about his house reconstruction being delayed. Speaking of reconstruction, we have a new president and things are going to look very different. That's a weird post-Civil-War reference. Chuck reviews the food at the Congress Tavern, then we actually break down the movie Doctor Strange. Good stuff! We also talk about how much we enjoyed the now-on-video movie "Central Intelligence." Chuck went to a Pentatonix show - did he love it? It's Chuck. Of COURSE he loved it. He also talks about a wedding he went to recently. We actually close this episode talking about the anxiety I feel about my upcoming high school reunion that I'm not even going to. Honesty remains a priority for the C&BPC!!!
~ Brad

Web Couliers:
VIDEO: Off With Their Heads - "Clear The Air (Acoustic)"
VIDEO: Us The Duo - "Ain't No Mountain High Enough"

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