Thursday, January 26, 2017

Episode 297: Appropriate Joke Targets, Nintendo Switch, and Stephen Lynch Live

We kick off this week with some basic updates, then a recap of an email sent in by one of our favorite listeners. True to form, we stay 100% on subject and contribute no nonsense to the discussion of this email. After that, we talk about the SNL writer suspended for making a joke about the president's son - was it too far? Are other minors in the limelight treated the same way? A real discussion! We come back from that and talk about Alien 5, a new Leslie Mann comedy (those are separate projects, although I would absolutely watch a crossover), as well as Jerry Seinfeld providing new content exclusively for Netflix.
We talk about the below Web Coulier, then the news that there is new music coming from Goldfinger, Blink-182, and the Transplants. Kevin Smith is part of the new Call of Duty DLC, which confuses both of us. We talk about the Nintendo Switch and our impressions of the new console. We talk about the Women's March(es) this past weekend, then review the Stephen Lynch show we saw last week. Was it ruined by drunk idiots? Yes! We discuss our recent stand-up appearances at Comix (there were also drunk idiots there), then Chuck poses a very important and interesting question based in the Spider-Man universe!
~ Brad

INTERVIEW: Matt Besser and Ian Roberts discuss bringing the UCB stage to the screen

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Episode 296: John Cleese Live, Laura Jane Grace's "Tranny," and Reel Big Fish

Whoa mama! We are back! And we want to update you on all the cool stuff we've experienced since the last time we did a "normal" podcast! We discuss Less Than Jake, our frustrations with WWE Survivor Series, our Thanksgivings, Chuck's Black Friday adventures, Chuck's move from Providence back to Warren, my car trouble, S*D's show with The Ataris....*comically deep breath*....our Christmas podcast, the hot wing video, Chuck's Disney trip, my car trouble redux, Friend Christmas, Actual Christmas, Chuck's Move Prep, Chuck's Move, my "boundary busting" meal, sledding....*pauses for a sip of water*....Chuck went to see John Cleese do a live Q&A, we saw Reel Big Fish (and others) at the House of Blues, and we end by discussing Laura Jane Grace's memoir "Tranny" and how it affected each of us. There was a lot of stuff to catch up on!
~ Brad

Friday, January 13, 2017

Episode 295: Brammies and Chammies 2016 - Part Two

I know it seems like we've been away a short time, and we definitely have. But we need to finish talking about our favorite things of 2016! We cover our favorite music and live events, our favorite podcasts, our favorite books, and then recap our entire (very busy) year! We close by talking about some of our favorite and least favorite stuff from our personal lives. We're just trying to be honest here.
~ Brad

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Episode 294: Brammies and Chammies 2016 - Part One

The Brammies and Chammies are back, baby!

I know it seems like we've been away a long time, and maybe we have. We explain why, then we get into our favorites from 2016. We cover our favorite TV shows and actors and moments, our favorite games, our favorite restaurants, and our favorite movies of 2016 in this episode. You like immediate-ish nostalgia? We got it!
~ Brad