Thursday, January 19, 2017

Episode 296: John Cleese Live, Laura Jane Grace's "Tranny," and Reel Big Fish

Whoa mama! We are back! And we want to update you on all the cool stuff we've experienced since the last time we did a "normal" podcast! We discuss Less Than Jake, our frustrations with WWE Survivor Series, our Thanksgivings, Chuck's Black Friday adventures, Chuck's move from Providence back to Warren, my car trouble, S*D's show with The Ataris....*comically deep breath*....our Christmas podcast, the hot wing video, Chuck's Disney trip, my car trouble redux, Friend Christmas, Actual Christmas, Chuck's Move Prep, Chuck's Move, my "boundary busting" meal, sledding....*pauses for a sip of water*....Chuck went to see John Cleese do a live Q&A, we saw Reel Big Fish (and others) at the House of Blues, and we end by discussing Laura Jane Grace's memoir "Tranny" and how it affected each of us. There was a lot of stuff to catch up on!
~ Brad

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