Thursday, February 23, 2017

Episode 302: Chuck's Valentine's Week, Cookie Smackdown, and Lego Batman

We're catching up this week! After some plugs, we get into the below Web Couliers. Chuck and I talk about the recently-announced Jay and Silent Bob reboot and throw an interesting name into the hat to play Marshall Willanholly (Me. It's my name.) We discuss Playboy going back to publishing nudity and Michael Bolton's Big Sexy Valentine's Day Special. We recap our experience as judges/hosts for RI Food Fights' Spectacular Cookie Smackdown, then move on to reviewing The Boss and Lego of which Chuck described as possibly the funniest animated movie he's ever seen. We talk about our fancy dinner, then Chuck talks about his week of celebrating with his girlfriend/birthday-haver. They went to see Louis CK. They went to see Us The Duo. They got donuts. They went to family parties. They finally invited me to a party and we talk about the fun we had playing board games on two separate occasions. We did not mention how poorly we've been eating lately.
~ Brad

TRAILER: The House
TRAILER: Sandy Wexler

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Episode 301: Chuck and Brad's Harry Potter Part 2!

In a callback to episode 218, Chuck and Brad come up with another almost-completely-improvised original story set in the Harry Potter universe. As before, Brad tries to narrate and Chuck tries to manage voices for all the characters. Does Jerry the Dementor make a return? Has Chuck figured out whether or not Ginny is a Genie? And where is Hermione in all this mess? LISTEN AND FIND OUT! PODCASTIARMUS!

NOTE: Episode 300 will be a live episode at some point in the near future! Round numbers make for better live theater!
~ Brad

PODCAST: Our First Harry Potter Story

Friday, February 10, 2017

Episode 299: Local Restaurants, Super Bowl Analysis, and Dead Rising 4

Another shorter episode to round out the week! After a quick plug for this weekend's Spectacular Cookie Smackdown, I relate a cute little story involving tech support for my dad. Chuck talks with me about a Fast and Furious Live show (I'm still confused), then we talk about some restaurants we've been to lately - how delicious were they? And would we talk about them if they weren't? Chuck talks about helping some friends move (my shoulder is still messed up!) and then we dive into a field of expertise: our Super Bowl experience. What did we think about the narrative of the game? Did Chuck's mom make great snacks for her party? Stuff like that! Chuck tosses in another restaurant mention, then we talk about the full experience of Dead Rising 4, including (at some point) spoilers for the end of the game. That's it for this week!
~ Brad

Monday, February 6, 2017

Episode 298 Part 2: The Philosophy of Liking Everything

Because we ran long last time we recorded, we cut the episode into two more-palatable parts. This is second of those parts for your palate! We talk about our somewhat shared philosophy of trying to like everything, specifically things in the arts but also food, social situations, and more. What are the pros and cons of such an approach? Does it make us seem like better people? Does it make us ACTUALLY better people (than we were)? Seriously, what is the downside to a positive attitude?
~ Brad

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Episode 298 Part 1: Director Ben Affleck, Gamestop Corporate Decisions, and Magnificent 7

We ran long this week, so pay no attention to the fact that we don't say "part one" at the beginning of the episode! This episode finds us talking about the below Web Couliers, then we talk about Johnny Knoxville's next film project, before chatting about Ben Affleck stepping down as director of "The Batman." We talk a lot about some Gamestop policies for their employees and how they will affect the business.
We then discuss Chris Gethard's one-man show being broadcast on HBO, then briefly talk about the New York Times' bestseller lists. We review our week - including my contribution of Chipotle to our Royal Rumble party - then I tell Chuck about the movie "Arrival." We then review Magnificent Seven (the remake) before cutting ourselves off for part one.
~ Brad

SUMMARY: The Ring movies (so far)
TRAILER: ESPN's "This was the XFL"
MUSIC: Jeff Rosenstock's Acoustic Benefit Album