Friday, February 10, 2017

Episode 299: Local Restaurants, Super Bowl Analysis, and Dead Rising 4

Another shorter episode to round out the week! After a quick plug for this weekend's Spectacular Cookie Smackdown, I relate a cute little story involving tech support for my dad. Chuck talks with me about a Fast and Furious Live show (I'm still confused), then we talk about some restaurants we've been to lately - how delicious were they? And would we talk about them if they weren't? Chuck talks about helping some friends move (my shoulder is still messed up!) and then we dive into a field of expertise: our Super Bowl experience. What did we think about the narrative of the game? Did Chuck's mom make great snacks for her party? Stuff like that! Chuck tosses in another restaurant mention, then we talk about the full experience of Dead Rising 4, including (at some point) spoilers for the end of the game. That's it for this week!
~ Brad

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