Friday, July 7, 2017

Episode 320: Venom in the MCU, the SNES Classic, and Zoobilee 2017

Back in the studio again this week! Chuck and I talk about the new Jurassic World movie and wildly speculate about the plot. We then speculate about the plot of "Jigsaw," the new film in the "Saw" franchise. We then turn our attention to the news that the status of Venom in relation to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and continue our wild speculation about whether our symbiotic pal will make the leap to the MCU and how that could work. From there, we talk about the SNES Classic and whether or not it is worth a purchase. I defend the 16-bit game "Bubsy." We talk about our recent few weeks, including Senior Discount's show with the Toasters, an extended behind-the-scenes (from our points of view) of the Reel Big Fish interview(s). Chuck and Gina relate the story of Roger Williams' Zoobilee 2017 to me - Zoobilee being an annual fundraiser for the Roger Williams Zoo that features food from dozens of Providence restaurants and also Chuck messing up the mojo of the on-site band. We finish with a new segment that we brainstorm on the podcast and have fun doing so. Fun week!
- Brad

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