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Thursday, April 2, 2020

#461 - Listener Questions, Tiger King, and a Surprising Friday The 13th Tale

Prior to this week's recording, we went Live on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to solicit questions from our faithful (and attractive!) listeners. We discuss working from home and how that has affected me. We talk about this year's Wrestlemania situation - empty arenas and changed cards! We talk about new releases from Pearl Jam, Suicide Machines, and Brian Fallon. We discuss the future of Marvel movies and Chuck offers his thoughts on his watch-through of Sopranos. We discuss the upcoming (unconfirmed?) Mario reboots for the Nintendo Switch, Dave Chapelle getting the Mark Twain prize earlier this year, and Chuck tells me about two paranormal experiences he's had. After that, we discuss the Netflix documentary series Tiger King and talk about the technical AND human aspects of this sensational series. And to close, I recap a bizarre book Chuck once gave me: Friday the 13th - Road Trip
- Brad

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