Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Episode 22: Lou Letters, Quizno's/Asthma, Brad's Trip, and Chuck's Involvement In Too Many Things

After the Senior Discount/Sky Punch and Chuck/Brad updates, Brad and Chuck welcome Lou to the show. Chuck starts off by explaining why Senior Discount was forced to drop off last week's Club Hell show, and then Chuck, Brad and Lou answer some emails. Chuck and Brad then accept letters written to them from Lou and read them live on-air. They discuss the new skimpiness of Quizno's sandwiches, and stereotypical views on people who have asthma. Brad discusses his recent trip to West Virginia, the boys try Coconut M+Ms (on air!) and then the trio continues the new segment "Brad Defends Himself". They talk about bands making decisions FOR their fans (Rancid, blink 182, NOFX), and adapting to the standards of new music marketing. The podcast closes with a question that Chuck was recently asked in an interview - "Does it HURT Senior Discount to be involved with music AND so many other endeavors (web-design/videos/live sketch comedy/podcasts)?"

Song List Here (this link is only functional on podcast website)

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