Monday, February 6, 2012

Episode 74: Our Terrible 2011 - Part 1 (January through July)

2011 was not our greatest year, our wasted year, or our orphan year. It was certainly the worst year of Chuck's life, possibly the worst year of Brad's life, and absolutely the worst year ever for Senior Discount. Listen to Chuck and Brad discuss the frustrations, miseries, degradation, and overall terribleness that was 2011.

Part one of the surprisingly lengthy (or not-surprisingly-lengthy if you were around last year) podcast proceed chronologically from a van stuck in the mud on January 1 all the way through Brad's half of July. Part two is coming soon.

Web Couliers:
There are no web couliers this week, as it would be a sad, sad, sad trip to whatever ridiculous website we advised you to visit.

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