Monday, April 30, 2012

Episode 84: The Chuck and Pat Brad-cast

Chuck Staton and relative Patrick Dennis decide to do a podcast in Brad's absence - but not just any podcast, a "Brad-cast". The queer-eyed cousins join together with some rickety old recording equipment (not the typical "Agreeing to Disagree" set-up) and an overly sexual guest to reminisce about their favorite friend: Bradley Rohrer.

The pals have a difficult time coming up with interesting stories about Brad, and spend most of the Brad-cast doing impressions and teasing each other like school childen.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Episode 83: Holograms, Ikea, and the Boston Comic-Con

Chuck and Brad open the podcast talking about some excellent purchases they've recently made, and Brad somehow thinks that owning a plush towel makes him a rich person. They discuss their Web Couliers (listed below) before moving on to a discussion of the Tupac "hologram" at the Coachella music festival. Chuck continues his weekly segment regarding movie driplets, and Brad shares a story about his visit to a mega-church.

Chuck talks about his trip to Ikea and Brad learns that cinnamon rolls are not free there, disappointing him greatly. The boys segue into a conversation about using nationalistic names to refer to groups of people and whether or not this is a racist practice. Brad brags about finishing Mass Effect 3 and doesn't see a huge problem with the ending, unlike much of the internet. The boys lament their lack of knowledge regarding music released in 2012, then proceed to talk about negative customer service experiences with Verizon. After that nonsense leaves their systems, Chuck regales Brad with the tale of his trip to Boston Comic-Con, closing out the podcast for the week.

Web Couliers:
- ARTICLE: The Making of "Homer At The Bat"
- VIDEO: The Brain Farm Digital Sizzle Reel

Monday, April 16, 2012

Episode 82: Pranking, Morgan Freeman, and the Comic-Con movie

After a brief catch-up between the pals (who honestly spent most of the weekend together), we get Chuck's Web Couliers (listed below). Chuck's Movie Driplet this week concerns Morgan Freeman's possible nuptials with his step-granddaughter, fifty or so years his junior. Chuck follows that salacious tidbit with the news of a new Mario game for the Wii U - Chuck and Brad are both excited.

After last week's discussion of the Patrick prank, Brad initiates a conversation about the theory behind pranking, and what is and isn't okay. Chuck has some hard news about the NextIssue app for Android devices, then the boys finish this week by discussing their trip to see "Comic-Con, Episode IV: A Fan's Hope" by director Morgan Spurlock (and Spurlock's Q&A after the film).

Web Couliers:
- VIDEO: Joel McHale's 3DS Commercial
- VIDEO: Caine's Arcade
- VIDEO: Titanic Super 3-D

Monday, April 9, 2012

Episode 81: Chuck's Trip To PAX East, and Various Other Entertainment Tidbits

Chuck and Brad start out with some Easter banter, then talk about the recent SkyPunch show. Chuck has a few movie dripets to share, then talks about his weekend at PAX East - the Penny Arcade eXpo East. He shares some amusing anecdotes about his evening with Patrick and his respective pals, including a wart-related prank.

PAX itself was a lot of fun for Chuck. Some of the highlights included the Castle Crashers' Guys' booth, new Kid Icarus footage for the 3DS, the Lollipop Chainsaw bus, and Chuck's rising excitement level for Max Payne 3. Chuck also talked about his recent trip to see Kevin James do stand-up and the enjoyment of that.

The boys then discuss a Boston-area crackdown on moshing at local venues, "Bully" receiving a PG-13 rating, and the Dan Harmon/Chevy Chase dust-up and fall-out.

Web Couliers:
- VIDEO: Taco Bell Drive in Google’s Self-Driving Car
- VIDEO: Rock Band Blitz Announcement

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Episode 80: The Revival Tour, Movie News, and Chuck Pimps Someone Else's Podcast

Chuck and Brad start out by updating the listeners on the world(s?) of SkyPunch and Senior Discount. Chuck then offers some small pieces of movie news, which he cleverly (?) refers to as "Movie Driplets." Covered? "Triplets," the "Hannibal" TV show, "Anvil 2," "Bully," and the upcoming "Mars Attacks" musical. Following that, the boys offer their reviews of the Adrien Brody vehicle "Wrecked," as well as the documentary "Freakonomics."
Chuck talks about another podcast he's been listening to, the "Tell 'Em Steve-Dave" podcast on the SModcast network. Chuck and Brad recap a recent trip to the Revival Tour, an concert series that features punk rock singers playing acoustic sets, backed up by violin and stand-up bass. Brad then closes the show with a tale of young love gone awry...and yes, he has a poem to accompany this tale. Oh dear indeed.

Web Couliers:
- NO FUN AT ALL: The Room Selection Videos Brad had to create for work
- SONG: Tom Gabel's "Black Me Out"
- VIDEO: A show from a previous Revival Tour