Monday, April 23, 2012

Episode 83: Holograms, Ikea, and the Boston Comic-Con

Chuck and Brad open the podcast talking about some excellent purchases they've recently made, and Brad somehow thinks that owning a plush towel makes him a rich person. They discuss their Web Couliers (listed below) before moving on to a discussion of the Tupac "hologram" at the Coachella music festival. Chuck continues his weekly segment regarding movie driplets, and Brad shares a story about his visit to a mega-church.

Chuck talks about his trip to Ikea and Brad learns that cinnamon rolls are not free there, disappointing him greatly. The boys segue into a conversation about using nationalistic names to refer to groups of people and whether or not this is a racist practice. Brad brags about finishing Mass Effect 3 and doesn't see a huge problem with the ending, unlike much of the internet. The boys lament their lack of knowledge regarding music released in 2012, then proceed to talk about negative customer service experiences with Verizon. After that nonsense leaves their systems, Chuck regales Brad with the tale of his trip to Boston Comic-Con, closing out the podcast for the week.

Web Couliers:
- ARTICLE: The Making of "Homer At The Bat"
- VIDEO: The Brain Farm Digital Sizzle Reel

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