Thursday, August 30, 2012

Episode 96: Chuck's Break-Up

There are a few positives to start this week's episode. Chuck and Brad are joined by repeat podcast guests Lou Perella, Brian Lau, and Patrick Dennis. Brad reads a letter from his future self. Those things were nice.

The heart of this episode, however, is the broken heart of Chuck Staton. In this episode, Chuck tells the story behind the break-up of his relationship with his girlfriend of five years. The guys all share their feelings on different parts of the story, as well as their feelings on general relationship topics. It's not a mean-spirited talk, it's not a boo-hoo talk, just Chuck telling the story of the break-up and how he felt throughout the process and what this means going forward.

Another positive - the episode has some raucous laughs near the end when we learn the origin of Patrick's "Slop King" nickname.

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