Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Episode 103: Macksoud and Christmas

This year's edition of the Christmas-themed Chuck and Brad Podcast starts out on a very odd Christmas tradition: the introduction of Eric Macksoud to the Podcast Universe. Much fun is had, most of it at Eric's expense. Learn about his disgusting nickname and about a humorous sexual misadventure.

Once the Christmas discussion starts, the boys first venture into less-familiar territory, covering the Bill Murray film "Scrooged." After that, self-proclaimed "Grinch Expert" Macksoud tries to elucidate the boyz (always with a z) on both the animated and live-action Grinch films. They talk about holiday traditions and how this is Eric's first Christmas with a girlfriend to buy presents for. Chuck and Brad talk about it being kind of another downer Christmas, but remain hopeful that Christmas magic still lives inside them.

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