Thursday, June 13, 2013

Episode 118: E3 2013 - Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo

Episode 118 of the podcast features special guests Abe Correia and Wade Bernier. The four cool studs (not "drool duds" as detractors have called them) discuss the recent Electronics Entertainment Expo (E3). The four horsemen start by talking about Microsoft's press conference, discussing some of the Xbox One's announced features, and provide pros and cons for these features. They talk about the Xbox 360, and also some Microsoft exclusives.
From there, the conversation moves to Sony's press conference. Some brief discussion of PS3 releases, then they chat about the Playstation 4, and the advantages (and disadvantages) it displays compared to the Xbox One.
Once Sony is dissected, the four connect about the Nintendo announcement of upcoming games for the Wii U. They're all excited for the games you'd think they'd be excited for. The podcast closes with all four offering their thoughts on next-gen systems.

There are no Web Couliers this week.

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