Friday, September 20, 2013

Episode 130: Superman Lives, GTA 5, and Spam Emails

Chuck and Brad are joined by local roustabout Mat Fairchild on episode 130 of the C&B P-cast. The three hooligans start with discussions of Chuck's upcoming acoustic performance and Brad's upcoming Halloween Improv show. Chuck reads a listener email from old pal Nic and Mat teaches Chuck and Brad basic gun safety.
Chuck talks about a movie driplet (which is also one of the Web Couliers listed below) - the documentary about the movie "Superman Lives." This leads to quick research on Nicolas Cage and his copy of Action Comics #1. Why do people think Nic Cage is crazy?
Chuck breaks the news ("breaks" being a loose term) that Grand Theft Auto 5 made $800 million dollars on its first day of release. The guys talk about the budget for the game and a little bit of gameplay. Chuck then talks about Mario Joyner's script idea and its accompanying Kickstarter - seems like an awesome project.
Episode 130 finishes with Chuck's new favorite segment "Shut the Fuck Up." What gets Chuck's patented wit this time? Spam emails, and the people who complain about them.

VIDEO: Teaser for the "Fat Wreck Chords" Documentary
VIDEO: Kid Snippets: Math Class
VIDEO: Superman Lives Documentary Teaser

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