Thursday, November 21, 2013

Episode 136: Pearl Jam, Bad Grandpa, and Ender's Game

Long-awaited episode 136 finds us with the "classic" line-up of Chuck and Brad. After several weeks away, the goo-some twosome kick it off with some updates on Brad's comedy life and Senior Discount - Show at Lupo's November 27, hit up for pre-sale tickets!
Chuck starts with some Web Couliers (listed below) and an extended overview of some recent episodes of Marc Maron's WTF Podcast. He mentions some Movie Driplets, including confusing Chris Klein and Chris Pine. He reveals some information Johnny Knoxville gave out regarding the filming of Bad Grandpa. Chuck also tells two small, odd stories involving Paramore.
Chuck and Brad discuss their trip to see Pearl Jam play in Hartford a few weeks ago. What did Chuck think of Brad's favorite band? They then go into a discussion of their thoughts on the movie Bad Grandpa, before talking about the two shows Senior Discount played with The Toasters. C&B saw Matthew Perry speak at the University of Rhode Island - what happened there? How did that trip turn Chuck (and Brad?) into "panty freaks?!" Chuck and Brad talk about their recent spate of radio/podcast interviews, before discussing the movie "Ender's Game." The podcast ends with the boys looking forward to picking up their Xbox One consoles this weekend!
Note from Chuck: "My opinion is that this episode should have been called 'World War Pork Chop and Sting Acts Offended'".

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