Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Episode 139: Kindness, Snow, and Workplace Misbehavior

Episode 139 of Agreeing to Disagree starts with Brad talking about some improv things going on, and Chuck follows with some Senior Discount updates - including a plug for the upcoming Ska Goes Solo show. Chuck then offers an exciting driplet about the Spider-Man universe expansion and our two hosts salivate a little.

Brad tells Chuck about #RAKit day - a promotion run by a website known as The Chive, including some irrational fears he has about the process. Chuck and Brad discuss a Christmassy event they recently attended, then Brad segues smoothly into a story about snow removal during his time at Walgreens. He tells a long story about a former manager, then he and Chuck swap stories about their time at previous jobs. The podcast closes with a brief discussion about the recent WWE Tables, Ladders, and Chairs pay-per-view.

There are no Web Couliers this week.

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