Thursday, July 24, 2014

Episode 168: The Story of Brian, Justin, and Survivors of the Kraken

The podcast opens with Chuck and Brad hyping their upcoming shows, including Chuck's birthday party/show at Fatt Squirrel (the old Century Lounge) on August 1st. Two visitors join the podcast this week - Brian Decoteaux and Justin Marra of Survivors of the Kraken. Chuck enlightens the newcomers with a few Movie Driplets concerning a Power Rangers movie, some Marvel speculation, and the upcoming Mark Hoppus/Matt Skiba punk rock album for children! Whoa mama!
The interview segment then kicks off with Brian and Justin discussing their formative years, the difficulties in setting a band lineup, a crazy situation involving a band break-up, and one or two jokes about Justin's incredible rage issues. It's a very fun and funny look at Survivors of the Kraken, as well as Justin Marra's solo project - catch them both on stage at AS220 on July 30th!

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