Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Episode 176: The "Harmontown" Documentary, DiGiorno's on Twitter, and Domestic Violence

After the customary updates from Brad's improv life and Chuck's band life, Chuck talks briefly about the below Web Coulier and our love for all things Dan Harmon. Chuck tells Brad some news about a forthcoming movie in the Paranormal Activity movie and the guyz talk about how spooked they are about the others.
C&B then talk about the one person running the DiGiorno's Pizza Twitter account, and how he (probably a he) made a huge mistake on Twitter and apologized for it. Chuck found the situation hilarious. Once they move past the hilarity of corporate errors, the guys talk about the specifics of Ray Rice punching his (now) wife in an elevator. Was the NFL's reaction appropriate? How does this relate to Adrian Peterson hitting his child with a switch? Or the other pending domestic violence cases involving NFL players? Chuck and Brad take a long look at the nationally-recognized serious topic of domestic violence.
- Brad

Web Couliers:
TRAILER: The Harmontown Documentary

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