Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Episode 202: 50 Shades of Grey, Kingsman, and the Parks & Rec Finale

Episode 202 starts out with the traditional mix of nonsense and updates from Chuck and Brad, then they discuss the new Justin Bieber Roast promo (listed below in Web Couliers) and Justin Bieber in general. From there, they delve into some news, as Chuck shares Movie Driplets about Alien 5, an Indiana Jones fan film, Spider-Man's writer, the Walking Dead spin-off, HBO NOW, Tron 3, and more Ghostbusters news.
After movie driplets, Chuck spices things up with some Music Driplets. Wow! There's talk about Less Than Jake or possibly Laura Jane Grace doing entrance music for wrestler Sami Zayn, Tom Delonge's solo record, and moving the universal record release day to Fridays.
Once the driplets are done, C&B revisit an old familiar segment: 60-second reviews. They give brief, to-the-point reviews of the new Spongebob movie, SNL's 40th Anniversay Special, Hot Tub Time Machine 2, Foxcatcher, Mad Max, One Bad Choice, the new Aziz Ansari special, attending a Providence Bruins game, and the book The Martian. Brad talks a little about Far Cry 4, then Chuck boasts of completing Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, and finishing this season of Real World: Skeletons.
Brad and Chuck really dig into the Parks and Rec finale and discuss their thoughts on the finale and the show in general. Chuck gives his review (and plot synopsis) for the 50 Shades of Grey movie and does not seem enthused by the project - or its detractors! Chuck and Brad talk about an event they recently attended at Brad's church, then about the announcement of Rock Band 4. They also discuss seeing the movie Kingsman in a spoiler-free manner. They briefly talk about Brad's involvement in a "Roast" and tiptoe around feelings as they do. (If you listen, you can hear the I'm-tired-grumpiness creep in to my voice.)

Web Couliers:
VIDEO: Promo for the Bieber Roast
TEXT: Transcription of Nick Kole's speech at Q Commons

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