Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Episode 221: Comic Book Movie News, Hulk Hogan, and Date Apprehension

Episode 221 kicks off with a never-delivered-on tease, as Brad mentions his weird week and then fails to elaborate. Wow. The boys plug their upcoming shows and Chuck talks a little bit about ticket sales. From there, it's straight into movie news - Chuck talks about some nuggets of Batman vs. Superman news and Brad is sufficiently wowed. After that, Chuck relates some news about the budget for "Gambit" and Brad tries desperately to coin the phrase 'The Gambit Curse.'
Have you heard about Hulk Hogan and his latest controversy? Chuck and Brad have, and they talk about the scandal and the WWE's response. Was the scorched earth policy the right one for the WWE to take? After that, Brad talks about apprehensions he has about purely hypothetical first dates. They banter a little bit about dating and how difficult it can be, then they sign off.

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